adrian micallef is an interior and product designer, project manager, artist, and sculptor. Committed to interior design, and equally at home with both renovation and new build projects, Adrian’s artistic background allows him to conceptualize and deliver designs that pay homage to a building’s past yet draw out its full potential in the spirit of the times. As an artist, Adrian creates abstract paintings and sculptures to compliment his works on interiors. One of Adrian’s objectives is to transform any given space meeting clients needs and expectations while being innovative, variant and space saving. As a designer, Adrian is able to bring to life his clients visualizations.


Born in Malta in 1979, son to a stone carver by trade, Adrian was exposed to using raw materials from a very young age, this developed his craftsmanship and led him to graduate in design from the University of Malta and has been involved in the design co-ordination of major projects including the Mater Dei Hospital, Tigné Point, Fort Cambridge and Pender Gardens in Malta, as well as with the design, architecture, project management and finishes of countless other projects around the island and even overseas and the USA; from boutique hotels and retail outlets to luxury villas and homes. Some of his accomplished projects and product designs have been featured in local magazines.


Having founded his company in 2006 Adrian’s expanding team at am design strives each day to follow their passion and develop projects to make their clients smile. am design believes in the value of a project and wants to share the future and spread the best of design around, as a sign of innovation and progress. The team works on designs layouts, structures, electrical and plumbing plans even prior to construction in order to accommodate Adrian’s custom designs which include everything ranging from product design and interior styling to the furniture and light fittings; every detail and feature in the projects are strategically planned and designed. From a simple sketch to advanced technology, they redefine raw materials into subtle perfection and are defined by detail.


Am design works with proven contractors so that they can provide their customers with comprehensive investment services. Construction crews, Electricians, and plumbers, wet trades, carpenters, apertures, upholsterers, are monitored throughout the development of each project to keep to the company’s high standard. am design invest time in supervising the on-site construction process, to ensure all works are consistent with the project, and to control the quality of the work performed.


All questions and concerns arising from the implementation process are resolved on a regular basis during on-site visits, via phone and additional meetings. They supervise and coordinate all works. The company also offers additional services some of which include customer service for all orders, deliveries, and supervision of the cleaning team. am design cater to all their client’s needs.